Study in Germany:

Germany is located in the heart of Europe. It is one of the G8 countries in the world. Germany is leading exporter of machinery, automobile, chemical and household equipment and benefits from a highly skilled labour force. The education system in Germany is low expensive and qualitative. Most of the colleges or Universities are state owned and government funded.

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Study in Ireland:

Ireland is one of Europe’s most popular destination for tourist and students from around the world, with the beautiful landscapes, breathtaking scenery, peaceful and safe environment, scholarly tradition, and warm and friendly people. Local people of Ireland are renowned for their friendliness and hospitality which helps overseas students to adapt student life in Ireland.

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Study in Japan:

The cost of pursuing higher studies in a Japanese university ranges from ₹10 lakh to ₹13 lakh annually, including hostel fees. This is half the cost an Indian student would pay to pursue the same course in Western universities. And Japan universities have world class research facilities. The new initiative of the Japanese universities gained momentum with the ratification of the Tokyo Declaration for Japan-India Special Strategic and Global Partnership by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese counterpart Abe in September last year. This was immediately followed up by the Japanese Government assigning University of Tokyo the task of Coordinator for Study in Japan Project (India) in October.

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Study in Singapore:

Singapore is a modern city state with excellent opportunities for education and work. Singapore higher education has strong links with the industry. As a student you will be able to gain practical experience and find employment more easily in your chosen field. Singapore is basically famous for Hospitality Industry. It has many National universities as well Private institutions to enhance your future.

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Study in Portugal:

Portugal is an amusing study abroad destination with a range of universities and colleges that offer international standard degree programs in diverse fields. It is the country of the world’s third most-spoken European language. Portugal is a member of the EU and has both old world charms mixed with new world dazzlers.​ Portuguese are the friendliest people and foreign students who come to study in Portugal can explore different education options along with the delectable cuisine and visit different places.​ The higher education is mostly theory and research based. All universities and colleges are accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

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Study in Spain:

Spain, a country of an extra ordinary beauty, is home to some of the most ancient universities in Europe and the cradle to one of the most important languages in the world. If you are thinking of extending your education and living in a unique and different culture, we highly recommend a stay in Spain, in southern Europe. Students coming here will be able to enjoy a first-class competitive education system that enjoys international recognition. Please visit Spain Student Visa for more information

Study in Italy:

Italy certainly has plenty of charms to tempt tourist and international students alike: a diverse landscape including mountains, islands and active volcanoes; and immense culture and historical legacy; iconic historic and architectural sites including Rome are Colosseum and the pisa’s Leaning Tower; and of course, university in Italy include some of the World’s oldest and most prestigious.

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Study in Poland:

Poland is a modern and dynamic member of the European Union where education really counts. It offers opportunities for young people aspiring to get a European degree recognised throughout the world, We invite you to study in Poland. In Poland, higher schools of education can be public or private. Public schools are those, which are financed fully or partially by the state. Universities are always public schools, as are medical universities. Whether your school is public or private can make a difference when you wish to apply for a state Scholarship. Please visit Poland Student Visa for more information.

Study in Switzerland:

Switzerland is convinced of the long term strategic importance of education and regards it as essential for political stability, increase in wealth, and innovation. As a country whose main resources are knowledge and research, Switzerland acknowledges the vital role played by foreign citizens in the drive for innovation, research and business acumen.

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Study in Finland

Finland has 10 multidisciplinary universities, along with six universities that specialize in particular disciplines. There are also a number of universities of applied sciences, or polytechnics, which offer vocational training. Please visit Finland Student Visa for more information.

Study in Latvia

Latvia lies in Northern Europe, on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea and northwestern part of the East European craton. The total length of Latvia’s boundary is 1,866 km. Latvia has a temperate climate that has been described in various sources as either humid continental. Winter starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-March. Summer starts in June and lasts until August. Please visit Latvia Student Visa for more information.

Study in Cyprus:

Cyprus is a modern country that effortlessly marries European Culture. Nationals of any country coming to Cyprus for studies must receive Student’s permit through the migration officer prior to arrival. Universities in Cyprus offer some of best courses in Management and Tourism. We assist you to choose the best country, the best university and course, keeping in mind your career aspirations, your future settlement, your current grades and the last but not the least your finance. Please visit Cyprus Student Visa for more information

Study MBBS, BDS & Pharmacy in Germany, China, Ukraine, Philippines, St.Lucia with scholarships

We cater to a wide range of interesting courses such as 
1.    MBBS
2.    BDS
3.    Pharmacy

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Study in Hungary

Hungary is an area with historic urban centers and a picturesque landscape, quality wines, thermal waters and a flourishing culture. Hungary is a country of plains, water, hills and of course, wine. From north to south and from east to west,Hungary offers lovely scenery, castles and palaces, beautiful and a great value, numerous hot springs with curative properties verified, around which were built baths and hotels, museums, and Hungarian wines to places such as Tokaji – “king of wines” were often rewarded.

There are several reasons to choose Hungary as country to study in but the most important reasons to study in Hungary.

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Study in Georgia

Georgia is one of the best countries to study. They have wonderful universities in Georgia that are recognized World-wide. The Standard of Education in Georgia is as high as studying in the United States, Canada, UK or other European countries. Here are several reasons why students choose to study in Georgia.

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Study in Estonia

Estonia is an e-society, with electronic ID-cards, e-government, e-health, e-school, e-parking etc. ( You would be living in a very unique country!
It takes only about 20 minutes to found your own company online and 99% of banking is done online.

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Study in Denmark

An academic tradition combining excellence with an innovative culture for both teaching and research; a typical class consisting of lectures as well as discussions in small groups; internationally oriented wide variety of programmes (that too in English); an open minded population with global outlook; institutions of higher education collaborating with business life and research institutions — all this and much more creates an enriching learning environment. And that makes studies in Denmark a truly world class experience.

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Study in Norway

Norway offers a truly unique study abroad experience, perfect for those wishing to gain more than just a degree. Studying in Norway is becoming a favourite study destination for more and more international students each year, with over 15,000 currently enrolled at Norwegian institutions. With a population of around 5 million, Norway is a welcoming country that is ready to be explored.

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Study in Ukraine

Ukraine University World ranking is averagely high. Many of their Universities are of high standard with big structures and very qualified teachers. Please make sure you do your proper findings about the University of your Choice before you apply.

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Study in Philippines

The world’s third largest English-speaking country. Highest English literacy rate in Asia
Mode of instruction in all levels of education. Widely-used language for business, education,communication and trade. Many parents believe that Philippines is the right place for their children to study because it offers many good reasons for quality education.

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Study in Russia

Russia may not be the first study destination to come to mind.

However, there are attractive undergraduate study options in one of the world’s growing economic nations. Russia’s membership of the European Higher Education Area means that Russian universities and higher education institutions have begun to offer a more Westernised model of higher education.

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Study in China

In recent years many countries across the world have seen an increasingly strong demand to study in China. In 2010 alone, the number of students from over 180 countries who came to study for degree and non-degree courses was more than 256,000.

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Study in Sweden

Top Reasons to Study in Sweden with Shelldreams Overseas :

1. Your ideas will thrive
2. Academics are elite
3. Sustainability is front and centre – with the environment to show for it
4. Experience equality and embrace diversity
5. Gain a competitive edge for your global career

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Study in Netherlands

The Netherlands is globally recognised as being deeply devoted and tied to international business, with strong trading traditions visible throughout its history. A country of creative discoverers and entrepreneurs, Holland became the home of many famous scientists and Nobel prize winners and has always been a progressive leader in continental Europe. This country is well known for the achievements in a wide variety of fields.

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Study in Lithuania

Lithuania is at a crossroad between west and east Europe, and throughout its complicated history has developed a unique culture, which encompasses both deep respect for traditions and robust wish to learn and innovate. We are members of EU and NATO, and are among the most bilingual and educated nations in Europe, however costs of living here are lower than in western countries, which makes Lithuania great for tourism, education or business.

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