One country from Europe especially the Nordic region has become popular for the past several years. And the country we are talking about is:

• The happiest place in the world
• The second most peaceful country in the world (based on standards of health, welfare, and education)
• The least corrupted country in the world (2008 Global Peace Index)
• The highest level of income equality in the world (2008 Corruption Perceptions Index)

Yes, I am talking about studying in Denmark.
What makes education in Denmark special?

An academic tradition combining excellence with an innovative culture for both teaching and research; a typical class consisting of lectures as well as discussions in small groups; internationally oriented wide variety of programmes (that too in English); an open minded population with global outlook; institutions of higher education collaborating with business life and research institutions — all this and much more creates an enriching learning environment. And that makes studies in Denmark a truly world class experience.

The results of a recent survey on international students in Denmark showed that students enjoy their stay in Denmark, because they feel it is a safe place to live.

Of the 2,800 international students surveyed

• 92 per cent would recommend studying in Denmark to other students
• 75 per cent are considering staying in Denmark to work
• 82 per cent think Denmark is a safe country
• Survey conducted by CIRIUS, 2006 (based on standards of health, welfare, and education)

List of Universities in Denmark :

1. University of Copenhagen
2. Aarhus University
3. University of Southern Denmark
4. Business Academy Aarhus