Japan is a one of the best country in the world for study abroad and it is an island nation of East Asia. Its democracy is stable compared to other world economies. It consists of approx 120 million people with half per capita of G7 citizens. Japan universities have world class research facilities. It has hub of cultural powerhouse that introduces exported technology culture and more around the world.

Normally the process in each University varies in Japan and there will be some kind of documents screening, online written exam or pre-application screening. Shelldreams Overseas Ahmedabad indulge in to assistance for Japan Student Visa by providing you good autonomous universities to learn alternative source and the best language in Japan (the prime importance is given to programs taught in English) and are always affirmative to give guidance.

Why Study in Japan ?​

​​Shelldreams Overseas India is best overseas education consultant for foreign education in Japan assists in its simple admission process and straight forward instructions and easy to understand. No need to worry about the lethargic and lengthy procedures. Shelldreams Overseas is expert Japan student visa consultant gives you best reliable information step by step. Our coordinator, staff members and other members who are the neighboring counterparts provides you the best support to study and live in Japan. If you need more information contact us and read the earlier important collaboration between India and Japan as mentioned below.

Japan gained momentum by Tokyo reorganization Japan-India strategic global Collaboration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Japanese co-partner Abe in September last year. This was immediately approved by the Japanese Government assigning University of Tokyo the task of Coordinator for Study in Japan Project (India) in October.

List of Colleges / Universities in Japan :

1. University of Tokyo
2. Kyoto University
3. Osaka University
4. Tokyo Institute of Technology
5. Tohoku University
6. Keio University
7. Kyushu University
8. Nagoya University
9. Hokkaido University
10. Tsukuba University
11. Kobe University
12. Chiba University
13. Waseda University
14. Hiroshima University
15. Kanazawa University
16. Okayama University
17. Tokyo University of Science
18. Tokyo Metropolitan University
19. Tokyo Medical and Dental University
20. Osaka City University
21. Niigata University
22. Kumamoto University
23. Tokushima University
24. Osaka Prefectural University
25. Gifu University
26. Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology
27. Yokohama National University
28. Yamaguchi University
29. Nagoya City University
30. Kagoshima University