Lithuania abroad education with Shelldreams Overseas Ahmedabad is one of the most sought options now a days among students, who are seeking for overseas studies. If you really want to venture for study abroad in Lithuania, you must first familiar to get to know its people. Most Lithuanians are very sincere, helpful and hospitable in fact, we expect the same treatment in return from our quests. Lithuanians are livelihood and prolong settle down, if you have an opportunity to talk to people of older generation, you will bring back to your country many interesting stories and experience. Lithuania is the only Baltic country with nearly eight hundred years they get authority for their statehood tradition, while its name was first introduced one thousand years ago, in 1009. Once in the Middle Ages, Lithuania was the largest state in the entire Eastern Europe, where crafts and overseas trade should be done The city possesses a rich cultural and historical heritage; the Old Town of Vilnius was embark on the UNESCO World Heritage List. However, the city has also developed into a modern international city. The New City Center had empower business district and impressive modern buildings such as the 129-metre tall Europa Tower.

Vilinus is the capital of Lithuania. This city has many universities. but one of the old universities which is known since from the ancient times called Vilnius university . The universities has a organized high standard of education. Vilnius is also kown for architecture cobblestoned street reflect diverse styles and eras are seen during medieval old period. It has developed with unique culture the best thing is that it’s living cost is inexpensive as compare to western country. People are here calm and quiet they feel shy with foreigners but when they good intended and friendly but when they get intermingle their would be no chance to feel shy. International students find out good atmosphere and innovative,business medicinal, arts and tourism courses. Shelldreams Overseas assist you some reliable information about the Lithuania with full authentication in each year there are several students go abroad to study.

Shelldreams Overseas India encourages you come and explore for Student Visa for Lithunia and the heart of Europe.

List of Colleges / Universities in Lithuania :

1. Kaunas University of Technology
2. Aleksandro Stulginskio Universitetas
3. ISM University of Management and Economics
4. Klaipeda University
5. International Business School at Vilnius University
6. Vilnius University