Portuguese is a country located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. The number of overseas students preferring prime importance to study in Portugal is rapidly increasing. Still, most students originate from Portuguese speaking countries, many of which are former Portuguese colonies. Shelldreams Overseas Ahmedabad is leading overseas education consultant and promotes Portugal Student visa as it has high privilege to excellent academic centers on IT innovation and web development. It has top four countries of origin are Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil and Mozambique. A small number of English-speaking programs in Portuguese schools aim to attract a greater number of non-Portuguese speaking students.

Portugal student visa is very interactive in the ERASMUS exchange program as both a send and host country. Portugal is an amusing destination for study overseas students with a wide range of universities and colleges that persuade you international standard degree programs in various streams. It is the country of the world’s third most-spoken European language. Portugal is an part of the EU and has both old world is merely fascinating mixed with new world dazzlers. Portuguese are the easy going people,freindly overseas students who come to study in Portugal can explore different education options along with the delectable cuisine and venture different places. The higher education is based on theory and conduct such research programs. All universities and colleges are accredited by the Portuguese Ministry of Education.

Benefits of Portugal Student Visa with Shelldreams Overseas India:

• Accommodation costs- staying in apartment it usually was around 25 to 30 € per person
• Reasturent-4-5€/person there is a huge variety of dishes, it all depends on the quality
• Health and medical – If you use the public service taking control over care of hygiene it’s almost nothing
• Phone- usually people prefer prepaid and credit card in EU
• Connection of broadband – 20-50€ depending on the speed
• Public transports – around 1-2€ per trip
• Small flat for 1 person – 300-750€

With Schengen visa you can enter freely in Europe. in During the process of application you need to mention all places you are planning to visit which will be the port of entry and last destination. You can apply for visa at Shelldreams Overseas is best foreign education consultant in India which help you to know more about the visa information.

List of College / Universities in Portugal :

1. University of Lisbon
2. ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and Management
3. Porto Business School
4. University of Coimbra
5. Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
6. University of Porto