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We are promoting ​School in the UK​, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, European, Asian countries and USA​.

UK School Program

​We enable you to put your students in front of a wide audience of ​UK and USA schools for their consideration. Interested schools will contact ​us directly to discuss the ​your ​students application​​.

So instead of you having to select schools for your clients’ children, the schools come to you, and our schools are looking for good Indian ​students.

We can offer assistance in arranging guardian families for your students and ensuring they are well looked after once here in the UK​ and USA​.

Most schools pay a 10% commission​, out of which we will share 50% commission with you​ (of the first year’s school fees which are between £20,000-£35,000), which is paid to the agent when the student begins their second term at the school (January).

Every student must apply for a Tier 4 Child Student Visa​ in UK​. This is sponsored by the school they accept a place at.​ The school’s sponsor license is like gold dust. If they lose it because of errors made by agents and consultants they risk losing their license and so they will only work with Educational companies that know how to apply for this visa or can prove they use a visa company that has done so before.​ Applying for a Tier 4 Child Student Visa is easier than a General Student Visa. The family still has to provide evidence though of funds etc.

​​A parent can come to live in the UK with their child up until the child is 12 years old. After that they can only visit with them.


​Private Day School Program
The Private Day School Program offers a unique possibility for students to combine a high level of academic focus offered in a private school with the enriching experience of the American way of life through living with a host family. Most students who attend the program stay for multiple years and have their sights set on continuing to a university in the US. Some however attend the program for the experience of a school year abroad and return home for their continued studies.

Boarding School
The program offers students the possibility to attend 1-4 years in a US or Canadian private high school. Most students attending the program are determined to move on to university in the USA or Canada and will study for several years in order to give themselves the best possible preparation to be accepted to their university of choice. Other students are however just as much in it for the experience and adventure it means to spend a school year abroad. No matter what the reason,
​Shelldreams Overseas ​promises students will have a great time attending the program.
Students can choose to study for one or several academic years. Students can choose to start in August or January.

Public High School Program
The F-1 Public High School Program is all about allowing students freedom of choice with geographical location, academic situation and spare time activities. Unlike the J-1 high school exchange program, the ​Shelldreams Overseas F-1 Public High School Program offers students the possibility to choose with detail what part of the country they wish to be placed in by applying directly to the actual school district they will attend. Our schools are situated in attractive areas like Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago. Our students enjoy full access to sports (state laws permitting), clubs and academics in the schools, including the possibility of obtaining a high school diploma!​

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